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Vastu Shastra, often simply referred to as Vastu, is an ancient Indian architectural and design system that is believed to bring harmony and positive energy into a building or living space. While its effectiveness is a matter of belief and …

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Site Engineering

Take your skills in civil engineering to the next level with our comprehensive course. With access to video lectures, eBooks, Excel sheets, and IS codes, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the subject and be equipped to tackle any challenge, …

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BBS MASTERY (Bar Bending Schedule)

This course on BBS (Bar Bending Schedule) provides a detailed understanding of how to create a bar bending schedule for reinforced concrete structures. It covers the principles, techniques, and calculations involved in accurately determining the length, shape, and quantity of rebars required for construction projects.

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E-Book Bundle

This comprehensive “E-BOOK BUNDLE “organizes civil engineering concepts into a structured module, providing a systematic approach to learning. It covers essential topics, Precision guide for architects and drafters, empowers engineers in advanced 3D modelling, urban guidelines for planners and architects, essential …

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